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TEDx Talk: Every Argument Against Veganism - Earthling Ed

May 03, 2019

We shouldn't be surprised, but Ed's done it again.

In Earthling Ed's latest TEDx Talk, common arguments against veganism are laid out one by one and flawlessly and respectfully dissected.  This is both a refreshing video for vegans out there, as well as a powerful speech for those of us who have friends or family members who are vegan, but don't fully grasp their decision to ditch the meat and dairy.  By watching countless videos of his, it's obvious that Ed is the perfect voice for the voiceless due to his knowledge, passion, and patience.
If you feel, after watching his video, that he cleared up some misconceptions you might have held, or that he brought new light to a specific area dealing with veganism, please share this with your friends and family.  We'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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