A Final Post?

August 16, 2020

As some of you might have noticed...new posts have been rather sparse this summer.  For whatever reason (we'll just say 'life' for now), the blog just hasn't had the attention from us that it did when we first started.

We started The Mint Bunny to create a safe, welcoming site for vegans and non-vegans alike, to be filled with resources for all to be able to make an informed decision on the consequences and/or benefits of the lifestyle that we chose to live.

If we were meant to eat animals, we should be able to look a [cow/pig/chicken/etc.] in the eyes, say to them with confidence that "our [traditions/taste/pleasure/culture/etc.] is more important than their life", and then personally take their life.  This simply is not reality though, as we are never faced with this moral dilemma when we grocery shop or eat out at restaurants.  The overall message we want readers to understand is that morally speaking, none of the excuses we use to justify eating animals is more important than the actual life of a sentient being; and taking the life of an animal cannot be our personal choice as it is affecting someone else's life.

Even though there is so much more information out there than we have shared thus far, we feel that the current site has a solid foundation for someone to start learning about the vegan lifestyle.

If you're simply looking for new recipes, please check out our Index page.

If you're interested in informative posts that we have written, we have that too.

If you're looking for other vegan blogs to follow, are interested in documentaries that we strongly recommend, want cookbook suggestions, or are searching for vegan YouTubers, we have a page devoted to these topics.

Although nothing is ever for certain, at this moment in our lives, we feel it's time to hit the pause button on the blog.  If or when it will continue is unknown right now, but we are happy with what we have created thus far, and hope the site will continue to benefit current and new readers.  Should you ever have any questions or want to stay in contact, know that the blog will not be taken down, so feel free to comment on existing posts to reach us.

Thank you for all of your support throughout this journey!  

-T.J. and Val of The Mint Bunny

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  1. Thanks for all of the knowledge, resources, and recipes you've shared here, T.J. and Val!

    Thanks also for listening to & honoring your internal compasses by hitting pause when that's what feels right.

    1. Thanks Rebe! We’re glad you’ve enjoyed the posts 😊