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Vegan Thanksgiving

November 25, 2019

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a day centered on eating a whole turkey.  Whether through grade school crafts, childhood movies, or just experiencing Thanksgiving year after year, it's been ingrained in our society that the day is centered around killing, cooking, and eating a turkey.  It's just what we do.

But did you know that by carrying on this tradition, over 45 MILLION turkeys are killed each year on this day alone!

Let that sink in...

Over 45 million sentient beings are bred into existence.
Over 45 million sentient beings are grossly overfed to get them to an extremely unhealthy size.
Over 45 million sentient beings are sent off to slaughter at 4 to 5 months of age and killed in unimaginable ways, despite having a natural life expectancy of 15 years.

This year we urge readers to look past tradition and make this year the first of many vegan Thanksgivings.  To prove how easy it is, please check out a visual Thanksgiving by vegmydish.com, which illustrates a huge list of cruelty-free traditional Thanksgiving dishes you can buy for this year's holiday.

Image from https://www.gardein.com/products/holiday-roast/

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