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Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

August 14, 2018

If you're a regular to the blog, you might remember a similar post entitled '30 Minutes Well Spent', where vegan activist Earthling Ed takes a half-hour summarizing his points for why it makes total sense that everyone should be vegan.  As as true in all of his videos, Ed has a unique quality to him where he's able to express his views flawlessly while still remaining eloquent and open.  For this reason, we still get excited when we learn that he's released a new video on his YouTube channel.

Another activist that we admire is Joey Carbstrong, who has a similar but unique approach to Ed.

After watching dozens and dozens of videos by vegan activists like Ed and Joey, you would think that they would get old.  But the truth is that we still learn something new with each posting.  New factual statements are always being told, as well as new approaches to handle common dilemmas between vegans and omnivores.

For this reason, we don't ever imagine we'll get to the point on this blog where we feel we have enough informative videos by vegan speakers.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Gary Yourofsky, who has been practicing various forms of activism for over two decades.  Although he no longer is creating new content, his video from 2014 will stand the test of time.  It takes place in a classroom setting at a college in New York and essentially covers every main topic out there relating to veganism.  If you've been on the fence with the topic, but don't feel the motivation or convincing needed to actually give veganism a try, please check out Gary's speech.  He has a blunt way of getting his points across (which is a stark contrast to Earthling Ed), but it works for him.  He even admits at the start of the video that some of the listeners might feel offended at first, but at the end of the talk, "the love will outweigh the hate" if you listen with an open mind.  The talk is nearly 50 minutes, but for the potential life-changing impact that it will have on your life, I think we can agree that it's not too much to ask of someone.

For those who are looking for even more, feel free to check out his additional Q&A from this talk (18 minutes).

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